Here at exercise4pets, we make sure we give our customers the best deals possible

What we do

Offer group walks for your dog(s)


How we do it

We meet firstly to understand you and your pet’s needs

We collect your dog in our air-conditioned van, which is fitted with approved safety crates for dog transport

We match your dog with others of a suitable temperament and ensure that your dog can be a sociable member of the group

We ensure that your dog has good recall before allowing off the lead

Once this has been achieved your dog has the opportunity to run and play with their friends

The dogs will always have a full hour’s walk, run and play unless there are extremes in temperature where it would be unsafe to walk them for this long

Before returning to the van they are provided with water to rehydrate after their exertions

The dogs are towel dried and we endeavor to clean them as best as possible in readiness for their return to your home

A report of the walk is provided

During the walk the dogs have been filmed and this is uploaded to Social Media at the end of the working day so you can experience watching how your dog has enjoyed playing with their friends


Why we do it

For dogs and humans alike, physical exercise is fundamental to good health. We all know the couch-potato lifestyle comes with a host of health problems. But in dogs, a lack of activity can also prompt nuisance behaviours.

The majority of dogs were bred with a working purpose in mind – and that’s not just the herding and hunting breeds.

Providing dogs with vigorous, daily exercise has profound effects on their behaviour. Tired dogs chew less, bark less, sleep more, and are more likely to relax when home alone.

A good daily workout and, if the dog is social, regular play sessions with other dogs are great ways to exercise a dog.

This is why we are called exercise4pets.